General educational systems are gradually starting to get into conflict with actual needs and requirements on their graduates.


Numerous educational institutions did not react to the fact that the dynamics of the whole society development is so fast that the established educational principles have not meet this reality for a long time.


A big influence on this have also modern technologies implemented into normal life that fundamentally changes the practical needs and education requirements.

Does a current student need to know the basic principles of math and science, get a decent level of grammatical knowledge not only in their mother tongue home, but also at least in another world language, the basics of history, general, political, geographic, sociological overview... ?


Does a current "ordinary" student need to name by heart all the sovereigns since the Middle Ages, the list of lobate trees, to be able to manually calculate triple integrals and differential equations? Perform statistic analysis, etc. ?


This text is not targeting our "Enlightenment" in the creation of specific curricula, but is directed to consider whether education really is a responsible and adequate confrontation between theory and practice in terms of real knowledge needs coming to the market, or the already active entrepreneurs.


Historical system of apprenticeship, subsequently degraded and politicized, specifically confronted the "master and apprentice" and helped to build awareness of skilful Czech, respectively formerly Czechoslovak people and creators also in "high technologies".



Nowadays, the humility of young "apprentices" to "masters" is gradually disappearing, i.e. to people who can demonstrate their actual, well-done work, extraordinary knowledge and skill.


Contemporary society leads the young people, who are starting in their fields to overconfidence and egotism, disrespectful and unwilling to take the experience from these experienced "masters".

Thus, if the starting entrepreneur is ready to accept the role of the "apprentice", it is the first, but very important step towards the further progress in their business career.


Further follows a concentrated effort to work together with the "master". This should result in a "materialization of objectives", e.g. selling the first a product, service, activity, etc. to a customer, which is for him/her willing to pay their money.


This is when the "apprentice" becomes "enlightened" entrepreneur with their own company, respectively a business with the chance to move further.


Education and


New entrepreneurs usually lack the necessary knowledge e.g. the basic of politics, negotiation, psychology, rhetoric, personal development, crisis behaviour etc., for business practice, however, the necessary knowledge.


All of this, in alternative combinations and levels corresponding with specific and individual needs of start-ups.



START-UPS - learning modules


A - (Novice team comes with their own idea to realization)

B - (Novice team is seeking its own idea to realization)

C - (" I want to be a member of the team")

Complex support of the ideas.


Support of the implementation of the idea in time.

Commercial evaluation of the idea.

GEM (Generation Exchange of Management) - learning modules


A - ( Preparation and setting of the team)

B - ( Finding and training new team )

C - ( Individual module )

When preparing a new team, we do not use the service of "Headhunting" companies.

We work with young people, who we prepare and "tailor" individually together with you.

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