HIGH TECH PARK prepared for you from this year a completely new structure and a website design.


We would like to bring more news and information on High Tech.


We beleive that you will like our new website. We would be very grateful for any of your feedback to help us improve our website.


We prepared an e-lerning course - "How to do your own business".

The course will briefly take you through topics that are covered in detail in our educational programs.


The outcome and the goal of these programs is not the acquisition and expansion of only the theoretical knowledge, but their direct application and verification of real commercial projects.


HIGH TECH PARK, together with representatives of other Czech companies, Y Soft Corporation represented by CEO Mr. V. Muchna and Photon Energy, represented by CEO Mr. J. Krcmar participated in meeting called "Australia, the gateway to Asia".

The meeting was organized by KPMG and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech republic.

For the Australian side was also attended by Mr. Paul Wojciechovski Ambassador to the Czech Republic and Mr. David Watson, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Astrade for GB, Ireland and Central Europe.


The basic aim was to create conditions for the possibility of mutual support for technology transfer and technology companies having an interest in entering the Australian market.

Also interesting is the possibility of direct entry testing of the surrounding Asian markets.

Support can be directed not only to specific business areas, but also on business administrations (company formation, visa, legal support etc.)

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