"Advanced technologies should be directed towards realistic usability."

Numerous newly developed technologies rather serve to "experiment", instead of pointing the possibilities of practical and realistic usability by human society and meeting their real needs.

"High Tech should target to the option of global application in everyday human life"

Newly developed technologies often fail to respect the required timeline for their adoption, implementation into practice and the subsequent ordinary use.

The user is basically under constant pressure from the continuously evolving modern technology and the need for "learning new things".

They basically do not manage to exploit the technology to their normal life.

Especially among older generations, this causes a reluctance to use them.

"Modern systems should serve people and not to task them."

We often face the situation when developers, analysts and "marketers" do not listen and do not respect the real needs of the end user of the products.

In their projects, they only reflect their ideas and ambitions.

Results are then inappropriate for the user and complex service solutions unambiguously discourage people from using it.

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