The robotic system, enabling two-way communication with the user via the Internet. This "self-propelled console" allows a connection of a wide range of telemedicine and monitoring equipment.

AVA-ROB, therefore, may be directed into the social sphere in the role of so-called "Virtual nurse" with many unique properties and home telemedicine stations.


Based on the revolutionary theory of the Czech scientist prof. Strauss, a world-recognized expert in criminology Forensic Sciences was created a system that evaluates potential criminals, terrorist attacks, etc. based on the type of their gait with the help of digitally processed camera shots.


This projech clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of linking commercial area with the scientific community for the creation of globally unique solutions.


As the first system in the world HOMEBRAIN offered a way to use the TV screen not only to watch television programmes, but also to show other "multifunctionality" of HOMEBRAIN devices.

It is well ahead and can do much more than all current Smart TV. TV, multimedia, online communication, e-shop, telemedicine, SmartHome, intrusion detection and other interesting functionalities.

All in one, on one TV screen, controlled only by using a unique two-sided remote control.

HOMEBRAIN can be managed and controlled by everyone.


Advanced telemedicine devices are constantly miniaturising allowing a home monitoring of more and more health characteristic and values.

Their suitable interconnection, processing into

a uniform format and continuous evaluation can very effectively prevent a number of serious diseases and maintain better health condition of people, especially people who are chronically ill, the elderly and people with the need of continuous medical supervision.


MEDI-HOME system can offer such platform and they are constantly developing it.


Interactive monitoring system, which first began to use artificial intelligence in social systems.


Careos offers modularity of solutions that can be tailored for the user.

Seniors living independently in their own home with this device can be kept "under control" of the supervisory desk, family members, etc. without being bound by their privacy, comfort and living habits.

The user is not burdened by any technological complexity, uncomfortable buttons, etc. and they really do not "know" about the system.


Sophisticated electronic learning tool specially developed to support teaching people with mental disabilities.

It offers a range of funkcionality feedback, monitoring and evaluating of progress in acquired skills of mentally disabled pupils.

Due to possible processing of acquired data, this revolutionary tool provides valuable input for psychiatrists, psychologists and special educators to set up an appropriate procedure to work with mentally disabled people.


HIGH TECH PARK was the first to develop this learning tool and put it into practice together with Euroinstitute school.

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