"Social systems, aging and modern technologies."

The social issues and related rapid ageing of human population are a global problem for which the real solution hasn't yet been found. This issue cannot be effectively solved without intensive use of modern technologies.

HIGH TECH PARK actively participates in finding solution  to this issues.


Broadening of knowledge and technological progress in medicine and the protection of human health are advancing rapidly.

Contemporary medicine g use miniaturized devices and electronics, distance technology or the possibility of measuring selected health and vital values at home as preventive health protection etc.

All these topics are included in projects of the alliance HIGH TECH PARK.

"Smart Cities and modern living."

Increasing density of the human population, the need to save energy and natural resources, the need for safe housing and environmental protection - all this raiseo demand for solutions.

Therefor, these areas also belong to the axis of our solutions.

We are the first ones to solve the complex technological system in a newly built community senior village near Prague.

"Artificial Intelligence and its application."

Artificial Intelligence will soon enter most areas of modern high technologies.

Its possibilities and effectiveness are expanding in high speed. In many areas, its deployment brings a real "technological revolution".

E.g. in social services, respectively assistive technologies it opens the entirely new possibilities.

HIGH TECH PARK was the first to practically test the deployment of artificial intelligence in assistive technologies.

"Internet of things."

The Internet of Things has a  promising future and will affect the future development of the entire society, e.g. mobile phones.

So far, however, only a few companies  have understood the possibilities of its use.

Only if there is effective coordination of  the activities of bodies in electronics development with their new trends (e.g. technologies of printed electronic with "maximum" designers of new products), it will be possible to begin with the global application of IoT technology.

Should e.g. a furniture manufacturer place a "smart chip" into kitchen cabinet doors?

YES! The number of opening of these doors, if properly evaluated, can provide valuablee information not only in social systems, but it can be used in marketing, development of door fittings etc. 

So far no furniture manufacturer has seen this "logic".

However, the one who will be the first to integrate this technology, will gain a lead in a market.

HIGH TECH PARK opens a dialogue between representatives of this technology chain and already works on several specific projects.

"Start-ups and the next generation of corporate management in Czech companies."

Start-ups issue has not set a steady  angle of view so far in Czech Republic. Someone sees in it the possibility of realizing their own business ideas, for others it may be a form of "image and being seen."

For HIGH TECH PARK, every start-up is always an "embryonic" form of future companies, multinationals etc.

Whether this"embryo" develops and grows properly, or disappears, depends on many factors, that can be positively influenced.

HIGH TECH PARK wants to be  present during this birth and development and assist this process with their own, specific approach.

For Czech companies, which were established in the 1990s, it is frequent phenomenon that the original founders want to retire.

However, they need to solve to who they "hand down" their business in order to successfully carraying on with their original idea.

Also in this issue, HIGH TECH PARK is developing activities and offers its experience and specific educational systems.

"High technology - finance and administration."

The new innovative and ground breaking solutions are not effectively  evaluated in the Czech republic yet.

Most of them  cannot be implemented due to unset processes in their detection, incomplete support or unsuccessful commercial evaluation. Some of them are usually taken over by foreign subject and presented as their solution.

Only a small percentage of solutions with a good commercial potential can  succeed "in Czech way."

HIGH TECH PARK actively enters this process.

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