State administration

State administration does not have enough experts in advanced technologies, in particular ICT.

The main reason is the financial policy or more precisely their unsatisfactory evaluation. This is not a position of the routine management of existing systems, but the creation of analytical concepts bound with final efficiency and effectiveness.

It is almost incomprehensible how these organizations underestimates this, although there are often a billion budgets for these solutions.

Overpriced and often dysfunctional systems are a common reality.The scenario is always the same. Incompetently managed tendering procedure that is "grasped" by  pre-selected external supplier.

Is there any solution to this, decades persisting situation?

Yes, there is. If the state is willing to radically change their approach. Teams of young developers led by an experienced project subject composed of representatives of universities, commercial sector and users can be invited to create such solutions.

Abroad, these methods are used commonly used with very positive economic impact on savings, and number of local young professionals is naturally increased.

HIGH TECH PARK is prepared to participate in such process.


State colleges and universities in the Czech Republic have a relatively good reputation, especially in theoretical field.

However, they do not manage to "detect" effectively and work with the available potential i.e. the talented young people.

If they had better opportunities and conditions to involve talented students since the start of their studies in specific commercial projects, it would cause the greater protection  of "intellectual technological potential" in our country.

Finding better ways for collaboration between universities, the commercial sector and the government, must be a priority for all involved.

HIGH TECH PARK has been dedicated to such cooperation in long-term horizon and managed to achieve factual results.

Scientific centres

Scientific centres in the Czech Republic make a relatively closed field with hard to define efficiency.

On one side we have several  top scientists on the other side  there is an amount of the average and below average "scientists and researchers."

In the Czech Republic, there is no systematic methodology of commercial evaluation of outputs and the impact of scientific development. There is a strong tension to defend invested funds for science and research. 

There are no independent checkpoints, which would focus on supervisory activity and help true scientific capacities to market promote their output while pointing out to inefficient projects at the same time.

HIGH TECH PARK specializes in these activities.


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