January - June

HIGH TECH PARK a.s. newly, the presentation of assistive technology and telemedicine solutions has been moved to the pages of the subsidiary TELMED HTP.

These pages have been redesigned and redesigned for this purpose. At the same time, the OAAT website is being modified, where the outputs of scientific studies for registered applicants will be presented.

TELMED HTP opens several experimental workplaces, respectively. laboratories focusing on theoretical research and scientific studies in the field of technology aimed at social issues (see more at www.telmed.cz). HTP, together with TELMED HTP, launches the comprehensive surveillance and assistance system CAREos. This is  the most comprehensive solutions in this area not only in our country, but also on a global scale. In addition to an intelligent sensory surveillance system and a telemedicine smart mirror, it also includes a humanoid robotic element - Robin, which forms the backbone of the so-called "emotional assistance".

(more at www.telmed.cz).

At selected partner workplaces, testing of the surveillance camera system, which has already begun in 2019, continues successfully. It is a solution offering an alternative to not very dignified "bracelets" used by people with cerebral illness (eg Alzheimer ..) who cannot leave the nursing home independently because of the risk of endangering their health.

HIGH TECH PARK a.s. will offer companies interested in working with China the opportunity to present their products and services in their "showroom" in the Shenzhen area in the first quarter. In addition to the presentation space, it will also offer the possibility of commercial representation in Chinese language, checking of prepared deliveries, prototypes, finding a suitable supplier, arranging transport, etc. These services are aimed primarily at smaller companies and startups, who usually find it difficult to seek such service from large local dealerships, but are interested in expanding into these global markets.

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