Start-ups, starting companies and also companies considering a change of generations in their leadership.

HIGH TECH PARK dedicates an increased attention to these and provides direct cooperation, which is based on our specific approaches and many years of practical experience.

Specificity of our approach lies mainly in respect of their practical needs that are rapidly changing  in real-time.

Stereotypical attitudes are usually build on classical terms such as "business plan, time sheet, evaluation etc."

Try to imagine how  difficult it is, in today's hectic world, to prepare a business plan based on painstakingly collected documents, then print it, make the presentation material and rush to investors or banks.

Something is wrong here!

Meanwhile, so many things have changed, that you can basically start over if you want to be at least partially objective in time.

Subsequently, you will find that the "evaluators" know about the subject as much as "an Eskimo  knows about nuclear submarines."

The world is different, everything is changing so fast, that even classical and university  education falls behind the pace of the real world.

In HIGH TECH PARK, we strictly respect the fact that "embryonic state" of future companies - a start-up, requires a complex process coverage,  including the seemingly unimportant little things, which is in whole "educational process" respected by the minimum of subjects.


Growing start-up model "F-I-S-I-E"






As part of our activities in the field of start-up companies, we offer funding for the best teams by people who succeeded in their field, but who also had to go through the entire process of developing the business before they reached the top.

At the same time, these people well understand the real conditions, the pitfalls and negative aspects of the business.

They are often former top athletes who had demonstrated great diligence, perseverance, but also humility before they got to their aims.

All these people are "valuable" mentors in our educational programs, because they know "What they are talking about."

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